At Ligon & Ligon, Inc., safety is the number one priority for our employees.  We have implemented an award winning safety program that includes numerous certifications, weekly safety talks, drug testing, and independent monthly audits. 

Employees are certified based on their skill and position in the company.  An example of the certifications our employees may hold include the following:

 · OSHA 30 Hour Training

· OSHA Sub-Part "P" Training

· First Aid & CPR

· Work Area Protection

· Oil Spill & SPCC Response

· Gas Monitoring

· Hazwopper Training

· Defensive Driving Training

· Respirator Use Training

· Miss Utility Notification and Soft Dig Locate Training

· BGE Operator Qualified OQ3 Training & Recertification for gas main work:

  a. Service Installation and Renewals.
  b. Meter Installation.
  c. Pipeline Fuser Training & Recertification.
  d. Damage Prevention.
  e. Backfill and Compaction.
  f. Safe Work Practices.
  g. Pressure Testing.
  h. Leak Survey.
  i. Identifying Hazardous Leaks.
  j.  Purging.
  k.  Visual Welds.
  l.  Abandoning Gas Pipe
  k.  Corrosion Control.

  Award-winning Safety Program

· Certified trenching and shoring supervisors

· Confined space trained work force

· Independent monthly audits

· Drug-free work place

· OSHA 30 Hour Trained Employees

· Dedicated Soft Dig Crew to Locate Existing/ Unknown Utilities.

· Perform Jobsite Utility Locate Sweeps.

· Design/Re-Design Engineered Pipeline Route and Shoring Systems.